We grew with our principles of “giving importance to people, life, and science”.

Since 1999; we participate in diagnosis and treatment development studies in genetic diseases by devising patient-specific tests even for a single patient.

We do 90% of our tests with our designs, and with our R&D infrastructure.

Intergen is an in-house company that since 1999, prioritizes people, life, and science at the center, carries out 90% of the tests it performs with its designs, develops new methods in its business, finds many new types of diseases, carries out diagnostic studies even for very rare diseases and presents solutions. It is an institution that gives importance to outside views, provides training to many people in our country and abroad, and works to spread awareness of rare diseases throughout Turkey and the world, with a vision and business culture.

We recognize undiagnosed diseases and are proud of our contribution to science.

  • Being among the top 10 centers in the world in test diversity.
  • Spending most of the income on research and has been among the country's top 500 R&D investments for years, increasing in the rankings every year.
  • Taking part in many national and international publications, books, and scientific studies every year.
  • Establishing an institute that spends its revenues on science, human health, and education and is growing rapidly.
  • Being at the executive level in some of the organizations working in the field of rare and diagnostic diseases in the world and trying to shape world policies.
  • Striving for people, their loved ones, and our country to recover from the significant wound caused by rare and undiagnosed diseases.

We participate in diagnosis and treatment development studies in genetic diseases by designing patient-specific tests even for a single patient.

Adhering to the principles of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality, by providing the best quality, modern, innovative, high-quality diagnosis and consultancy services through high-quality laboratory services that meet patient expectations and medical requirements, without compromising on ethics and science, accompanied by continuous training, information, measurement, analysis, and improvements. Submissive to the international TS EN ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories Special Conditions for Quality and Competence standard, by adopting a scientific, unbiased, good professional and technical practice in the delivery of analyzes and services, aiming at the satisfaction of patients and their relatives, the people, institutions, and organizations we serve under all circumstances. To support the participation of employees in international congresses/ seminars/ publications by constantly improving our quality and management system following national and international standards, and innovations in science and technology, to be personally involved in ongoing studies, to provide the most up-to-date information within the scope of clinical and laboratory. to reach and present to our patients.

We set out with the vision of "not sending samples abroad" and "solving the problem of every patient who comes to the center".

When Intergen was founded in 1999, it was a center that was only able to do pre and postnatal chromosome analysis and patient examination. Intergen set out with the vision of "not sending samples abroad" and "solving the problem of every patient who comes to the center" and has achieved these goals today.

Intergen has become a center that serves its patients and our country's science with the motto of “people first”. Our entire team has internalized the importance of routine patient service, prenatal diagnosis studies that compete with time, and the importance of days and even hours for targeting smart drug use in cancer.

It has followed all the developments in health and has mobilized all technological opportunities for genetic testing to be carried out in our country. Today, it diagnoses 5500 diseases with kits designed in its R&D center. Intergen is a member of most quality systems in Europe. R&D studies are the strength of the country. Discovering new diagnostic and prognostic markers with new ideas and producing new kits are among the works of our R&D team. The whole world has placed biotechnology at the top of its industry 4.0 targets. Our biggest goal is to carry our country to the top with its scientific power and experience.

We diagnose rare and undiagnosed diseases. We offer you treatment recommendations. We cooperate with expert teams. We are in control as we produce our materials. We cost cheap and provide quality service at a low cost. We have done and are doing hundreds of scientific projects. We have trained and are training hundreds of people. We teach everything we know to anyone who desires it. We provide master's and doctorate education. We drive genetic and rare disease policies worldwide. According to the number of tests, Intergen is among the top 10 centers in the world. Based on the number of trained personnel, scientific studies, the number of publications per researcher, the test methods it has developed, the value it gives to people and its team, the value it gives to education, the investment it makes in research, Intergen is among the first 500 centers in our country. As the first center to use the name of rare diseases center 20 years ago, it works to solve these problems in the fields of genetics and rare diseases.

Contact Us
Intergen Genetics and Rare Diseases Diagnosis Center
No:5, 2119. St. , Mustafa Kemal
Our center is within walking distance of Bilkent metro station and Bilkent bridge. You can easily reach our center from central regions such as Kızılay, AŞTİ and Sıhhiye by metro and public transportation vehicles.