Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

To provide laboratory service that meets patient expectations and medical requirements without compromising ethics and science, accompanied by continuous education, information, measurement, analysis, and improvements.


Our Mission

Genetic analysis and clinical consultancy services; using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, diagnosis, and treatment methods, at the highest technology and quality standards, without sacrificing conscience, morality, and transparency; happy, with an expert and experienced team that puts its heart into its work, is to present it in a patient-oriented manner.


Our Vision

To be a leader and an example in the national and international arena with our scientific studies and achievements without compromising the basic values and scientificity.



As Intergen;

• Providing the highest quality laboratory service that meets patient expectations and medical requirements, without compromising 

on ethics and science, accompanied by continuous training, information, measurement, analysis, and improvements,

• By providing the best diagnosis and consultancy services of modern, innovative, and high-quality,

• Adhering to the principle of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality, adopting a scientific, unbiased, good professional and technical practice in the delivery of analyzes and services,

• Aiming at the satisfaction of patients and their relatives, the people, institutions, and organizations we serve, under all circumstances,

• By continuously improving our quality and management system in accordance with the International TS EN ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories Special Conditions for Quality and Competence standard, national and international standards, and innovations in science and technology,

• To support the participation of employees in international congresses/seminars/publications, to reach the most up-to-date clinical and laboratory information and present it to our patients by personally participating in ongoing studies,

• We work as an institution that values people, life, and science.